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cold storage building with Kingspan Panels The Kingspan Cold Storage division is dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality, workmanship and service money can buy.

Kingspan Insulated cold storage wall panels are the ultimate solution worldwide in providing hygienic, energy efficient, CFIA and USDA approved Cold Storage buildings, Food Related facilities and distribution warehouses. Kingspan has provided countless clients with energy efficient solutions for these buildings through-out the world.

As many folks are aware, food related facilities require extremely stringent standards for health and safety; and must comply with HACCP and other governing regulations to ensure proper wash down procedures are followed in order to prevent any outbreaks of bacteria. In recent years these regulations have become more stringent in order to keep up with the ever evolving strains of bacteria and other super bugs.

Kingspan prides itself in always striving to be innovative when it comes to technology, design, engineering and in its provision of products available to the market. With this in mind Kingspan has re-introduced to the market FRP.  A laminated Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) for lining the IMP.

The benefit of this product is the ability to withstand extreme wash-down procedures, dent resistance ….it's like having an "extra" insurance policy for the life your panels. It's definitely an investment for the future, beyond accidental damage and the effects of everyday wear and tear, sanitation methods can affect insulated panels. Again FRP protects the metal.

As a custom manufacturer Kingspan fulfills the needs of many different clients, with our experience in the Cold Storage and Food Industry we find it imperative to offer our client's all the protection we can to keep their investment clean and healthy for years to come. I personally look forward to offering this product to our clients as they upgrade their facilities or build new ones.

Eric Chawla: I grew up in the interior of BC, moving to the Fraser Valley in 2000, joining Zeroloc in 2004, specializing in Cold Storage and food related projects. Since Kingspan acquired Zeroloc, I have worked with Controlled Environments projects in BC, AB, MB, & SK. I am currently studying for a double BA, in Green Building and Project Management (BGB/PM), to be completed by the end of 2013. I love Hockey (particularly the Vancouver Canucks)! Recently I joined a new fitness facility and under the guidance of my younger, but much more athletic personal trainer brother, have been whipped into shape and am actually enjoying the grueling routine! Lastly, I enjoy the outdoors with camping, fishing or just a hike through the woods.

Posted on 5/10/2013 12:00:00 AM

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